Who would have know this to be a year ago. Well it was here is her story. I took these pictures while Bri was in the hospital. She was diagnosed with Infant Botulism Type A. which is caused by dust and debris. What this doesn’t show you is the 3-4 days leading up to her being admitted it doesn’t show you the urgent care dr telling us it’s a virus. It doesn’t show you her losing her ability to hold her head up or us watching and trying to care for this said virus.

I am so lucky I went with my mamma instinct and took her to the emergency room. They gave her fluids and ran tests and XRays all to come back clear. The er dr was not convinced and wasn’t going to send us home. They then prepared us to transfer and be admitted into another hospital. When we got there the nurses/charge nurse asked me a bunch of questions which at the time was all overwhelming. The charge nurse had a hunch that is was Infant Botulism and ordered tests. I remember being admitted on a Monday late night/early Tuesday morning Brianna had received the baby Big medicine by 10 am Tuesday morning. Drs said it could be weeks or months to recover.

Luckily we got Brianna in at a good time and didn’t wait any longer. We spent 9 days in the hospital, she had a feeding tube and was on oxygen. She had to go through occupational therapy to be able to eat on her own. It was a tough 9 days. Thankfully she won’t remember.

I am thankful for the few that visited. I am thankful for those who brought food/snacks. I am thankful for those who helped me and gave advice.

This is Brianna’s story. There is so much more that I didn’t put in here. This is a rare disease and never would have thought it would have made an impact on our lives.